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Friday, April 12, 2013

Bypass (hack) password of noka N950

 The passcode of the Nokia N950 can be bypassed without breaking a sweat and the process involves crashing the lock screen by pressing random buttons and numbers, which makes the lock screen unresponsive and closing the app allows you to access the entire smartphone

The video below shows all 

Credit : HtheB61

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hack The Nexus 7 Into A 720p Camcorder

Shooting video or pictures with a tablet is still a remarkably goofy thing to do, but if you must, you may as well do it at the highest possible resolution.

With that in mind, the Nexus 7 is one of the last tablets that would come to mind for video shooting, simply because it only has a front-facing camera, and one that’s limited to shooting at 480p. The enterprising team over at xda-developers have looked into the Nexus 7′s video shooting limitations, and determined that it’s not a function of the camera hardware, but one of the software definitions.

As such, on a rooted Nexus 7, it’s as simple as editing some xml to tell it to shoot at 720p — although it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll eat up even more of the Nexus 7′s limited storage shooting this way.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bypass Android pattern unlock without rooting

Android offers several ways to lock the smartphone and most notable ones include pattern lock, PIN and the new FaceLock on Android 4.0 ICS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. FaceLock, however, was found to be vulnerable soon after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich as it authenticates even if a picture of owner is shown to the camera. Google did try to fix this issue in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean by adding something called “Liveness Check”, where in which the user is required to prove his aliveness by blinking his eyes in order to unlock the phone using facial recognition, but hackers found a workaround for this too, and all it requires is a bit of photo editing skills up the sleeve in order to circumvent Jelly Bean’s Face Unlock system. That’s pretty insecure, which makes sense to lock your Android device using PIN or pattern lock if you do have important data on your phone.

Pattern lock is pretty safe to use, but what about the times when you forget the pattern you set? It’s like leaving your car keys inside the car or house and locking it from the outside. In case of house, you can probably hire a locksmith to get things done, or you can probably break in, but is possible to break into your Android device if you have forgotten the pattern? The answer is Yes, says a senior member of XDA forum, m.sabra.

M.sabra has come up with a way. Using his method, you can bypass the pattern lock system on any Android device, but good things always come with a catch. In order to have this bypass working, it is required to have the “USB debugging” option already enabled. It also means that if you’re locked out of your phone and you don’t have the USB debugging option enabled, you’re pretty much out of luck. Users who are familiar with modding and flashing should be familiar with this option.

It is worth noting that this hack will work even if the device isn’t rooted. In order to override the pattern unlock, you are required to push several lines of commands through ADB, which can be found on the original hack thread at XDA-Developers over here. Once you punch in the commands, you can reboot to find out that any pattern will unlock your device. Though this method will work on non rooted devices, it also depends on device’s ROM. Apparently, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is immune to this hack, but it will work on most of the Android versions, including the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but again, it all depends on the stock ROM too, so it may or may not work in your case.

The discovery of this hack is great for people who genuinely tend to forget their password, but nobody is stopping thieves from making use of this method. All you can do is work out some memory exercise and keeping the USB debugging option disabled will also ensure security of your data. You can also opt for double authentication system, just to make sure your data is safe.

Source: XDADevelopers

How to bypass Android Jelly Bean (4.1) Face Unlock

 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google developers attempted to make the face unlock feature more secure by adding a “liveness check” feature. The problem with face unlock was that one could easily use a picture of the person to unlock the phone. With liveness check enabled, the owner is required to blink for the phone to unlock. This adds another element into the security of face unlock which fixes the issue of simply using ones picture.

Of course, it never takes too long before people figure out a way to bypass that as well. The YouTube video below, uploaded by idaka82, shows a group of guys quickly showing you how to do just that. They simply took a picture and hastily photo-shopped his eyes so that it looks like he’s blinking. Then by transitioning the original and edited photo simultaneously, it gives the effect it’s blinking.

Needless to say, while it can be done rather quickly, it does take a bit of effort. Nonetheless, I’ll always suggest Android users to stick with the pattern or pin unlock system if you wish to secure your phone.

You can head over to the video after the break!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Secure your Android smartphone

1. Use pattern lock and sim lock
For pattern lock
After we putting screen lock we need to draw the pattern to unlock the mobile 
Go to menu --> settings -->location and security -->screen lock -->pattern 

Sim lock
Sim lock is used to prevent missuses of sim card , if we put the sim card in some other mobile it will ask the pin to use the sim 
Go to menu --> settings -->location and security -->simcard lock

2.Backup your mobile
 Want to back up your phone’s data? Try MyBackup, which saves your apps, contacts, call logs, texts, and even settings to either your SD Card or a secure Internet server. You might also like SMS Backup, which periodically saves all of your texts into your Gmail account.

3.Antivirus and anti theft
Use good antivirus and anti-theft software like avast mobile security, If u root and use avast anti theft its more secure software's from android market (google play)
Its a trustful official  website to download android apps, so you no need to afraid about malware 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Spoof Caller ID – Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID SpoofingCaller ID spoofing is the act of making the telephone network to display any desired (Fake) number on the recipient’s Caller ID display unit instead of the original number. The Caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number that the caller wishes.
Have you ever wondered how to perform Caller ID spoofing? Read on to know more information on how to spoof Caller ID.
Unlike what most people think, an incoming call may not be from the number that is displayed on the Caller ID display unit. Because of the high trust that the people have in the Caller ID system, it is possible for the caller to easily fool them and make them believe that the number displayed on the Caller ID display is real. This is all possible through Caller ID spoofing.

How to Spoof Caller ID?


You can easily spoof any Caller ID using services like SpoofCard. In order to use the spoofcard service, you need to pay in advance and obtain a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which grants access to make a call using the Caller ID spoofing service. Once you have purchased the service, you will be given access to login to your SpoofCard account. To begin with, you need to call the number given by SpoofCard and enter the PIN. Now you will be given access to enter the number you wish to call and the number you wish to appear as the Caller ID.
Once you select the options and initiate the calling process, the call is bridged and the person on the other end receives your call. The receiver would normally assume that the call was coming from a different phone number ie: the spoofed number chosen by you - thus tricking the receiver into thinking that the call was coming from a different individual or organization than the caller’s. In this way, it becomes just a cakewalk to spoof Caller ID and trick the receiver on the other end. Thus, you neither need to be a computer expert nor have any technical knowledge to spoof caller ID. For more information on SpoofCard service visit the following link.
SpoofCard - Caller ID Spoofing Service

How Caller ID Spoofing works?


Caller ID spoofing is done through various methods and using different technologies. The most commonly used technologies to spoof Caller ID is VOIP (Voice Over IP) andPRI (Primary Rate Interface) lines.
Today most VOIP systems provide an option for it’s users to enter whatever number they want in the calling party field and this number is sent out when they make a call. Hence it is easily possible for any user to spoof Caller ID provided they have a VOIP system and know how to properly configure it to spoof the Caller ID. However sites like SpoofCard provide an easy and cheap spoofing services for those who aren’t using VOIP systems that they can configure themselves.
Caller ID spoofing is possible and being performed right from the days Called ID system was introduced. However most people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to spoof  Caller ID and make any number to be displayed on the receiver’s end. In the past, Caller ID spoofing service was mostly used by telemarketers, collection agencies, law-enforcement officials, and private investigators. But today, it is available to any Internet user who wish to spoof caller ID.